Our Story

HRS was the vision of two physical therapists, Ryan Robinson, PT, DPT and Blaine Stimac, MSPT, in Northwest Montana near Glacier National Park. Below is their story as told by Blaine, on how these two individuals from different parts of the state ended up together and are now helping fellow physical therapists achieve their goals of successful private practice ownership.

Early in our careers, we set out to become clinical experts in our field. We understood the more we perfected our clinical skills, the more success we would have in a treatment room helping patients. Getting the challenging patients better was rewarding and solidified our love and dedication for the profession. We both progressed into leadership and executive positions; Ryan as a clinic director of one of the largest corporate PT companies in the nation, and Blaine as founder of a small private practice upon graduation that grew from one location to four. As we each took on larger executive roles it was apparent to both of us we needed additional training on how to run a business. We set out to become experts in how to better work with people, grow a team, and a business.”

It was clear if we had a thriving business with successful PTs around us, we could help expand our influence as PTs to more and more people. We saw the limitations of other partnership models or non-physical therapy owned business structures and dedicated ourselves to building something better that would thrive in an ever-changing healthcare industry.

HRS was born as an idea in 2012. We set out to create a model for successful clinics that were renown for excellent physical therapy results and had a team of like-minded people working in sync to achieve success. Enthusiasm and excitement screamed back! We had a model we knew was on track for today’s needs, and the needs of the future. It was now time to get after it and start helping other PTs succeed in private practice. We wanted clinics that helped more patients and rewarded our partners and the team members working alongside them.

HRS now partners with goal-driven leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit who are excellent PTs and desire to start a business or improve their existing PT company.

Our partners are proud of business growth and success, and want therapists leading the PT profession, not hospitals, physician-owned clinics, or other non-therapist led groups. Our locally-owned companies serve their communities to improve health, function, and more fulfilling lifestyles. They provide a workplace that recognizes and rewards hard work and productivity allowing for the team members within them to grow and have more success in their own lives. We want more people to Do Life Better!

-Blaine Stimac, Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS)


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