Current Practice Owners

HRS helps solve private practice ownership problems.

  • Is your physical therapy practice running you (rather than you running your practice)?


  • Are you foregoing your PT clinic owner salary because you struggle with making payroll?


  • Looking to increase your average physical therapy clinic revenue?

Is the HRS Business Model right for you?

Here are questions we often ask private practice owners to help them decide is HRS may be a solution:

Is being a private practice owner keeping you awake at night?

  • The HRS business model is designed so you have the ability to apply proven, results-oriented business acumen to your clinic allowing you to run your practice instead of your practice running you. See your physical therapy clinic revenue increase…along with your nighttime hours of zzz’s.

Are you foregoing your PT clinic owner’s salary because you struggle with making payroll?

  • Peace of mind may be yours with HRS financial backing. Don’t worry about making payroll; and, you will even get your PT clinic owner’s salary every pay period.

Are you missing out on family activities and your kids’ events because your business is consuming all your time?

  • With the HRS business model and team, you will get to bring more balance back into your life. Read about how On the Mend Physical Therapy in Arizona allowed this husband/wife team to spend time with their kids again.

Do you feel the burn-out from all the demands of being a business owner?

  • The HRS business model gives you tools to be able to handle owning and leading your business so you better leverage your time. It’s our mission at HRS to help you do life better too.

How do I increase my average physical therapy clinic revenue?

  • The HRS business model maximizes efficiencies, staff, and spending. We fine-tune billing and collections practices to be compliant and effective, so your financial health increases along with your average physical therapy clinic revenue.

Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS) is here to help you get your life back and do life better!

HRS founders are physical therapists who own their own practice. They know first-hand how challenging it is to own and lead a clinic.

Services for Existing Physical Therapy Clinic Owners

PT Partnership Opportunities:

  • Talk with us about partnering with HRS. You keep your clinic brand. We will teach you how to lead your company, providing you with business training and a support team to grow your clinic.

Clinic Acquisition:

  • Are you thinking of getting out of ownership entirely? Are you getting ready to retire from the profession? Find out if HRS is a solution.


  • We want to help private practice succeed. Contact us today to learn how HRS may be able to support you and your practice.

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