Our Team

The HRS Team of professionals is your resource for becoming a successful physical therapy clinic CEO and owner. The HRS team trains leaders, helps plan and execute your business plans, teaches how to understand physical therapy business metrics and analytics based off of the HRS business model.

Our HRS team is small but mighty with years of experience helping physical therapy businesses get results. Many of those on the HRS team worked directly in a physical therapy clinic. Our founders, Blaine Stimac and Ryan Robinson, are physical therapists and clinic owners themselves who are both actively involved in HRS. We also have a couple other PTs who are on our HRS team.

Specialty areas and services this team provides include:

  • New clinic start up
    • From start to finish, our team gets new practices in operation and helps with every aspect of the project.
  • Bringing in new patients
    • Marketing is key to grow your and expand your practice.
  • HRS Billing Team

    Billing & collections

    • Our experts are knowledgeable and capable of helping your patients and your practice to increase your revenue.
  • Operations
    • The HRS business model knows how to actually be successful in today’s healthcare environment where reimbursements are decreasing, but operating costs keep going up while also providing the best in patient care for exceptional patient outcomes.
  • Keeping you compliant
    • HRS helps you stay abreast of changes to keep you compliant and in best practice.
  • Your resource for legal issues
    • The HRS team works with our legal experts to help you navigate our legal system for all legal matters pertaining to physical therapy business.
  • Human resources/payroll/benefits
    • We’re totally committed to helping our fellow team members, including our partners employees, do life better. We offer centralized HR, payroll and benefits…a great benefit for your own staff!
  • Physical therapy business plans and metrics
    • The HRS business model works with you to develop and execute your physical therapy business plans. We’ve developed physical therapy business metrics to help you achieve your PT business plans.
  • So much more!
    • There is so much more to being a flourishing physical therapy business owner and our brilliant HRS team is capable of executing it well.

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