On the Mend Physical Therapy was started in 2006, by Dr. Katrina Herron, PT, DPT, CLT. After witnessing Katrina’s grandmother receive less than acceptable care from a local home health company, Katrina recognized a great need for quality PT services in their community and knew she could help.

The company’s humble beginning started before there was an actual brick and mortar location. Katrina was providing PT services through contracts with local home health agencies; however, her main passion was outpatient physical therapy. She decided to end her contracts and start her company by providing outpatient physical therapy in the home. Katrina’s husband, Chuck Herron, assisted her with the business while continuing his regular full-time teaching position to help support the family.

Although home outpatient physical therapy was needed, many doctors in the area also wanted to send their patients to an actual clinic. So, in 2007, On the Mend Physical Therapy opened their first clinic on Broadway, in East Mesa.

The company experienced rapid growth from 2007 to 2010 due to high-level service offerings. In 2010, Chuck and Katrina realized that in order for the company to continue to grow, Chuck would need to leave his current employment, and work for On The Mend full time. This change allowed the company to continue to expand, and in the next four years, the Broadway clinic was remodeled three times to accommodate this growth. Additionally, in 2013, a second clinic on Country Club and Baseline was opened. It also quickly grew.

Along the way On the Mend Physical Therapy saw a number of changes in the industry. Chuck and Katrina realized they needed additional help. In 2014, they reached out to friends, and fellow PTs, Dr. Ryan Robinson, PT, DPT and Blaine Stimac, PT, MSPT, the founders and owners of Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS). By the spring of 2015, On The Mend Physical Therapy partnered with HRS. This partnership allowed Katrina and her staff to focus on providing fantastic care and achieving excellent outcomes, while Chuck, Ryan, and Blaine focused on running the company. They were able to ensure all staff received the excellent training and benefits desired and needed, while the company expanded.

Also in 2013, Cathy Best, Occupational Therapist, started with the company as a staff clinician. She gradually began to take on additional leadership duties over the next five years; and, in 2018 became a partner. Cathy currently holds the roles of Vice President of Administration and Vice President of Operations.

Since 2006, On the Mend Physical Therapy has served over 6,000 people in our community by providing excellent quality, results-driven care for the absolute best outcomes. On the Mend is excited to help our patients, community, and each other do life better!


  • Chandler, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ



Dr. Katrina Herron

  • DPT, CLT and Owner

Chuck Herron

  • CEO

Cathy Best

  • OTR/L, Vice President of Administration and Operations, and Owner

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