The story of Peak began in 2016, when the founder and CEO, Dr. Jennell Day, decided she wanted to return to the town where she was born and raised. Jennell wanted to give back to her community by opening a physical therapy clinic that not only provided excellent service but was also an enjoyable place to work.

Prior to opening Peak in Helena, Jennell had plenty of experience to assist her in this endeavor. Jennell’s PT career started in Red Lodge, MT, where she gained valuable experience treating a variety of conditions and then transitioned into a traveling physical therapist. Throughout the locations she traveled, she became aware of excellent management with positive team culture and poor management with unhappy employees. Jennell realized at that time she wanted to build an atmosphere that could deliver exceptional patient results by PTs who enjoyed working.

In 2012, she accepted a permanent position for a clinic in Kalispell, Montana. This is where Jennell met Blaine and Ryan, her current partners and founders of Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS). Before the partnership flourished, she was able to be a part of their growing practice which led to a leadership role as Vice President of Operations. She learned the business and management skills necessary to run a successful PT practice.

Jennell opened Peak as a single provider but grew rapidly due to the excellent team who came on board. We are now a renowned practice in the Helena community. Our team created a working culture that is top-notch. We enjoy working together every day to deliver the best in patient care and service. Jennell could not be more thankful for this opportunity to work with each one of the Peak team members to create our outstanding clinic in a great community.



  • Helena, MT



Dr. Jennell Day

  • DPT, CEO, and Owner

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