Pintler Physical Therapy began as an idea while Dr. Mike Cline PT, DPT was completing physical therapy school and working on his clinical rotations. At many levels, both as an active patient in therapy; and, as a growing provider in the field, Mike realized the profession often fostered a culture of complacency with a lack of enthusiasm and inspiration. Therapists were often world-weary and struggled to find joy in their craft. Mike began to visualize an idealistic clinic that encouraged the type of atmosphere where patients were truly allowed to thrive. Mike wanted to establish a clinic and team possessing the desire to elevate their craft beyond mediocrity and provide a physical therapy service unlike anywhere else.

Mike’s family has strong ties to the Anaconda, Montana area. His family origins to the area began when both of his grandfathers worked on the historic smelter. The Pintler idea flourished further from the recognition that the Anaconda-Deer Lodge valley would benefit from such a facility that emphasized direct, patient-centered care. As a community, it became obvious the physical therapy services in the area were not sufficient. Mike felt it would greatly benefit the community if he could replicate this type of facility in Anaconda.

Soon after graduation, Mike was introduced to the team at Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS). HRS partners with PTs like Mike, who have a strong desire and commitment to help patients, their communities, and their own staff do life better. With the help of HRS, Pintler PT was born.

Pintler strives to offer a dedicated, detail-oriented, and patient-centered treatment service that empowers their patients. In the modern physical therapy arena, it is not enough to work FOR the patients; at Pintler we work WITH our clients to achieve real change in their health, wellness, and quality of life.


  • Anaconda, MT



Dr. Mike Cline

  • DPT, CEO and Owner

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