Physical Therapy of the Rockies was born in the heart of Dr. Matt Casseday, our founder, PT, and CEO. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, he knew if he had his own practice, he could better deliver excellent patient results while simultaneously creating a culture where PTs enjoyed working on a daily basis.

Matt’s story begins when he completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy program from the Arizona School of Health Sciences and he began his career as a staff PT. He then moved over to a large rehab network in Denver where Dr. Casseday eventually took on a leadership role in the organization. However, he found this big, corporate outpatient entity didn’t give him the tools he needed to run his clinic effectively. Based out of state, this company seemed out of touch with the Denver-area market and the clinic team. Matt’s drive to start his own outpatient practice grew.

After nine years, Matt Casseday was ready. As a born and raised Coloradan, he wanted to give more to his local community. He knew he needed business management guidance to be able to open and run a physical therapy practice. Fortunately, Matt already had a connection with a company, Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS), that provides partnership opportunities for goal-driven therapists who yearn to open their own local practice. Matt knew this partnership was critical to a successful business enabling him to better help patients in his local community.

In 2015, Physical Therapy of the Rockies opened its doors in Littleton, Colorado. Matt realized his dream…he had a locally-owned and operated practice! This practice grew swiftly. The PT of the Rockies team expanded and opened a second location in Englewood the following year.

Now Dr. Casseday is able to carry out his vision for an ideal physical therapy practice where his team delivers excellent PT, utilizing the most current and effective treatments to get the best results for their patients. A fun and positive workplace is also paramount for Matt—this allows for PT of the Rockies’ core values of teamwork, results, responsibility, fun, and community to ultimately help people improve their lives. With the help of HRS, he has been able to learn and grow in business management; and, have the backing to be successful in the ever-changing healthcare field.


  • Littleton, CO
  • Englewood, CO



Dr. Matt Casseday

  • DPT, CEO and Owner

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