The founders of Professional Therapy Associates (PTA) started the company in 1988 with the intention to deliver the best physical therapy in the Flathead Valley. Over the next 19 years, PTA established itself as the leader in the local PT community. While the company was very well known for its physical therapy, the founders were struggling with the challenges of running an independent private practice in the competitive healthcare arena. In an effort to meet these challenges, PTA was sold and merged with Kalispell Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. in 2007. With this change, the new leadership, consisting of Blaine Stimac, Dr. Ryan Robinson, Jey Ponti, and Britne Stimac, brought a more current and revived vision to PTA. Over the next eight years, PTA strengthened and expanded its reputation as the best physical therapy practice in the Flathead Valley, while also achieving significant growth and stability as a company. The PTA family grew once again when a separate entity called Lake Health & Rehab, officially rebranded as PTA in 2016. As Blaine Stimac and Ryan Robinson’s bigger vision of Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS) was born and executed, they transitioned out of PTA’s daily operations to focus on building and growing HRS; and, helping other practice owners build great PT practices. Jey Ponti also transitioned into a different role for PTA which led to another change in leadership.

In 2017, Chris Leck joined the team as the CEO and partner after 10 highly successful years as a clinic director with the largest PT-owned company in the nation. Despite his success as a shareholder and voting member of the Board of Directors, Chris wanted to “Do Life Better”. Chris, his wife, and three kids moved to the Flathead Valley to maximize work/ life balance and create the rural lifestyle Chris enjoyed as a kid growing up in Idaho.

Chris had the vision to lead an amazing team of caregivers who embodied the purpose of helping people improve their quality of life daily. Under Chris’s guidance, PTA has strengthened its position in Northwest Montana as the premiere PT group focused on helping patients, valuing team members, and giving back to the community-at-large. PTA will always strive to be a results-driven team focused on fun, community, responsibility, and teamwork.


  • Kalispell, MT
  • Bigfork, MT
  • Columbia Falls, MT
  • Lakeside, MT
  • Polson, MT
  • Whitefish, MT



Blaine Stimac

  • MSPT and Owner

Dr. Ryan Robinson

  • DPT and Owner

Dr. Chris Leck

  • DPT, CEO and Owner

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