Reform Physical Therapy was developed by the simple meaning of ‘reform’: make a change in order to improve it. This straightforward definition is the basis for my philosophy and is the true motivation behind Reform Physical Therapy.

Having worked in numerous outpatient clinics across Colorado, starting as a staff clinician, then director, and eventually the Vice President of Operations, I had a lot of success and influence on the outpatient physical therapy world. However; there was something missing. I felt there was more I could do to contribute to our profession, our employees, our patients, and our community to help solve this missing piece within our industry.

My quest?
To change the current fallacies of the current healthcare system; develop a culture that encourages employees and patients to grow and better (reform) themselves, each other and our communities; and, last but not least, having a blast doing it!

Reform is driven to be the new standard of outpatient physical therapy and to ensure that the profession continues to evolve progressively. We are passionate and ambitious to improving (reforming) the lives of our patients, our employees, and our community; in fact, we’re downright obsessed with it.

How Reform truly helps people do life better:
Reform believes that by implementing strong, like-minded personnel, who share our values, who are constantly advancing and bettering themselves professionally and personally, who understand the importance of community, and who share the same obsessiveness about improving (reforming) the lives of the people around us would be a great start.

The Reform Way of Life:
• People Happiness
• Fun and energetic
• Growth and Development
• Influencing that healthcare status quo
• A place you would take your grandmother

Big Bold Goal (BBG):

What is our envisioned future or our 10-Year BBG?

To successfully reform and treat 500 patients year within three years.


  • Denver, CO



Dane Kelley

  • PTA, CEO and Owner

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