Strive Physical Therapy was founded in 2014, by Jeff Randall, MSPT, with a vision of helping patients achieve their highest level of function through hands-on care and treatment. Jeff had been a physical therapist for many years but was not satisfied with the current model of PT that was being delivered. He knew there was a better way. Thankfully, Jeff had a connection with a former colleague who co-founded Health & Rehab Solutions (HRS), a company that partners with physical therapists like Jeff, who strive to deliver results for their patients. The goals of both HRS and Jeff meshed well together and as a result, Strive Physical Therapy was born.

Jeff believes every patient he treats is unique and does not fit into a one-size-fits-all treatment philosophy. In order to deliver the best results, he has countless hours of continuing education under several philosophies. Jeff is able to share his learnings and help his team further advance their knowledge and skills.

Shortly after Strive opened their doors, Diane Baggs joined the team. Diane had an extensive background in owning and operating outpatient physical therapy clinics in the Colorado Springs area and was thrilled to jump in and help Jeff. Knowing the need for something different, Diane and Jeff brought a fresh approach to the Colorado Springs area. Patient results became the cornerstone of Strive Physical Therapy. Word spread quickly of the positive results of patients. Patients and providers alike were demanding this excellent care. Strive has added a new clinic each year since opening in 2014 and continues to expand.

What makes Strive so special? It is our staff!

Building the right team is a priority here at Strive. Our team shares the same vision of helping patients achieve their highest level of function. We look for strong individuals who are passionate about helping others. We value education to improve your skills and want staff to become experts in their field.

We are a team who works together and are results-driven. This group is a responsible hard-working team who is productive and has fun every day. We love what we do and enjoy making a positive impact on others’ lives and the community. Each team member truly believes in “Doing Life Better”.



  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Fountain, CO



Diane Baggs

  • PTA, CEO and Owner

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